10 iPhone Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

You love our iPhone cases, you will also love the iPhone tips we prepared for you.

Text Replacements
Got things you type over and over and over like – idk (I don't know), btw (by the way) etc.

Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.
Click the plus (+) icon at the top to enter a phrase and then a shortcut. Any time you type the shortcut in the future (such as “otw”), the full phrase (like “I’m on the way home”) will spring to life on the keyboard’s text preview to tap on.

Prioritize certain downloads
Updating dozens of apps at once? You can tell your iPhone which downloads it should complete first.

On the home screen, find the app you want to put at the front of the line and apply a firm 3D Touch press. Then pick Prioritize Download from the list of options.

Stop apps from asking for feedbacks
You’re in the middle of doing something important in an app and suddenly a popup appears asking you to rate the app or leave feedback.

While feedback and reviews are important to app developers, it can be annoying to have these pop-ups repeatedly asking for review. We have good news for you, there is a setting where you can turn them off.

Settings > iTunes & App Store
Toggle In-App Ratings & Reviews to "Off"

how to find lost airpods with siri
Find missing AirPods with Siri
We love AirPods but because they are small and they get lost very easily. There is a solution for this.

Activate Siri and say "Find My AirPods"; Siri will suggest playing a loud sound from your wireless earbuds to help you find them.

Make a Light Blink as a Notification
Want to get notifications of new texts, incoming calls, or other useful information without looking at your iPhone screen or listening for sounds? With this old trick, the camera flash on the back of the phone blinks when you have a new notification.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Audio/Visual
Toggle LED Flash for Alerts. to "On"

Change your default mail and browser application
Make sure that you have iOS 14 or later, and that you have the app properly installed on your device.

Settings >
Scroll down and tap Apps and select Browser or Mail app you want.
Tap on Default Mail App or Default Browser App.
Change it to the app you want.

iOS Calculator Tip

Swipe to erase numbers on the calculator
You can easily swipe back on the calculator screen to erase the written number. Just swipe right or left on the numbers, and it works as a delete button.

Automatically close Safari tabs
If your Safari browser tabs have taken the form of accordion, there is a setting that will help you.

Settings > Safari > Close Tabs
You can then choose it to close your tabs after one day, one week, or one month.

Offload unused apps
You can free up space on your phone by getting rid of the apps that you rarely or never use. Your iPhone can do this for you automatically and regularly.

Settings > General > iPhone Storage
Enable the Offload Unused Apps option.
If you regret losing one of these apps, you can always reinstall it.

​​How to enable or disable the Hidden Folder in iOS 14
There is a setting in iOS 14 to the hidden album where you put the photos you want to hide. It's very easy to disable or enable the hidden photo album.

Settings > Photos.
Tap the Hidden Album toggle to turn it on or off