20 Gift ideas for your teenage daughter 2021

For tech-savvy girls

Custom phone cases for daughter

Phone Case

Young girls are constantly changing their phone cases to both protect and stylish their phones. They want to have sheaths that are compatible with their clothes and even with their nail polish. For this, you can buy them a custom mobile phone case suitable for their phones.

bluetooth speaker

Portable speaker

Bluetooth speakers are very popular among girls. They use it a lot, whether outside or inside the house. If you prefer waterproof models, you will also prevent the risk of falling into the water at the poolside.



Young people lose a lot of things like keys, bags, and Apple product AirTag is a very good solution for this.

girl polaroid camera

Polaroid camera

Although a little nostalgic, the cool Influcer has become the most recommended and highly requested product by girls. You can write a note in the gift box saying "Let's take the first photo together".

pink nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switch model has a very serious importance among young people. If your daughter loves computer games, she will love this gift.

Choose a gift for her room

Tufted carpets

New type tufted carpet

This new type of handmade carpets is very popular among young people. According to your daughter's hobbies, you can choose one of the superhero or cartoon characters in the form of snekar.

Lego Architecture series

Architectural lego

If your daughter loves lego and is interested in architecture, you can choose gifts from architectural blocks for this new type of grown-ups.

Luna Lamp

Luna lamp

These planet or moon night lights are very trendy right now. It is among the products that girls share the most on their social media accounts.

wall hanging swing

Wall hanging swing chair

These swings can be one of the gifts she will love the most if she has room in her room. He will have a spot where he can read a book or spend time.

Mini Refrigerator

Mini refrigerator

We can say that mini refrigerators are a gift for a young dream. Of course, do not forget to choose models with colorful and cool designs.

For sports girls

Water bottles

Water bottle for athletes

If your daughter does sports, there is definitely a sports water bottle. But they never say no to something in a different color.

gym bags

Gym bag

Bags are among the most needed products for those who do sports. You can choose from the brands he likes from hand or backpack models.



Tights, which are indispensable clothing for those who do sports, can always be considered for gifts. Whether it's big brands like Nike, Puma, or you know that they will love trendy brands like P-nation and Lululemon among young people.

Girl Sports watch

Sports watch

For those who do sports, it is important to keep track of the calories they burn, the number of steps they take, and their heart rate. You can get a smart watch or a sports watch for this.

Sports headphones

Sports headset

While doing sports, normal earphones get wet from sweat and there is a possibility of falling off. For this, headphones produced for sports are a nice gift alternative.

Gifts for Riders

retro design bikes

Retro bike

Now young people love bikes with vintage design. He can go to school by bike, travel with his friends, and exercise at the same time.



Electric or manual scooters are also a nice gift option. Good brands such as Segway and razor can be your first choice.

Electric bike

Electric bike

Electric bikes that look like normal bikes are very fashionable among young people. These bikes, which are driven with normal pedals, can assist on slopes with electrical support if desired.



Skateboards are still as popular as they were in your youth. But now brands such as Enjoi, Element and Blind are more preferred. It would be good to do some research before purchasing. By the way, if he doesn't want to use it, it will be a nice decor in his room.

Bike accessories


If your daughter already has one of these and uses it constantly, you can also buy accessories for her. A helmet, water bottle, or wall-mounting equipment can be alternatives.