2021 new phone case ideas and trends

We have compiled the new cover models for 2021 and for you who are the trend. You can find suitable cover types for your loved ones.

Wood custom Samsung Cases

Wooden cases

Wooden cases, one of the preferences of nature lovers, have been enriched with different designs this year. They attract attention with both personalized models and special designs.


Holographic custom case

Holographic covers

This year, new covers became very popular, with their color changing as you move them. They have become a good alternative with their design types and customizable models. Click for Custom Holographic Phone Cases

Glitter personalized covers

In fact, silvery cases have been sold for years. But this time, they are customizable. It will draw the eyes on you with its eye-catching glare like luminous gem.

Real stone cases

You have not heard wrong, not the stone look, the fully born real stone cases offer both a classy and natural appearance.

marble name iPhone cases

Marble fashion is back.

Marble phone cases are back, but this time not just marble, but with real shimmering glitter inside. Yes, that's right, the shiny surface-looking cases now have real glitter. And your phone shines like a work of art.

Wild series cases

Fur animal patterned and made of artificial fur, these products will take you to the forest life with real fur. These covers, which have different varieties such as tiger and leopard, are available for both personal and design options.

As Lunia, we send these cases to all over the world with fast shipping within 1-4 business days. Moreover, shipping is free for purchases of 50 dollars or more. Each of these hand made products will be specially produced for both you and the people you want to buy gifts.

Our works, which we do in accordance with the fair trade mission, are also produced with environmentally friendly materials and production techniques. While presenting 2021 new cover models to you, we also take these into consideration.