brick baseplate phone cases



      Show your Creativity

      A protective case that’s fun to play with — it’s the best of both worlds! Just think and do.

      real brick case

      Great gift

      for brick fans

      Create, play and protect

      Any creative mind will love this one-of-a-kind case. Endless options, let your imagination run wild whether you’re building a phone stand or even a moving camera by attaching wheels.

      unique brick case

      Real brick

      Usable with buildable pieces

      Original brand base plate

      Made from original LEGO® base plate. And it is fully compatible with original brand bricks.

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      There is now a new way to show your creativity. Create your own personal designs with brick phone cases. You can make any design you want with this product with an integrated base plate. And of course you can't protect your phone from falling, pressure etc. protects against

      You know what would have been really useful in our childhood building days? A phone case that looks like a brick and that's exactly what we've got for you! Our Buildable Brick Phone Cases come with an original base plate to create the perfect building block for your phone. It's like taking a trip down memory lane, but without all the dust and sore muscles.

      If you want, you can make visual designs with dot pieces. You can make your initials, design a flower or an animal. You can find sample designs on our blog. You can make your cover look edible by making different designs for each day.

      Dream, create, inspire

      And most importantly, you can create hundreds of different things with your imagination using bricks. For example, by making arms at the back, you can make a stand. You can have a moving camera by attaching wheels.

      Buildable brick phone cases are produced with original brand base plates. Thus, it is fully compatible with the parts. Available in 4 different colors. These are blue, green, gray and white. After selecting your phone from the filtering section, you can add the color you want to the basket.

      If you find yourself nostalgic for the days of old when all that mattered was how many bricks were on your phone, then you’re in luck. Our brick phone cases will let you add as many or as few bricks as you want to your case, so go ahead and build that dream brick house.

      Brick cases are available for both iPhone, Samsung and Huawei models. It will be shipped within 24 hours after you place your order. It is sent to all over the world by express shipping.

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