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      If you can't give up holographic designs in your clothes, shoes, jewelry or accessories, Lunia phone cases are just for you. The holographic surface covered on a carefully designed plastic rubber case will make your phone case look very cool.

      Thanks to Lunia's hundreds of case options, you will be able to make a difference on your phone. If you want to highlight your elegance, you can complete your combinations and make your phone look elegant with stone holographic cases. If you want to protect only the edges of your phone, you can also choose holographic bumper frames. Bumper cases will give your phone a more elegant and eye-catching look. If you like to attract attention and make your accessory choices carefully, you can change the mood of your phone with cases with holographic material. Since holographic custom cases appeal to both men and women, it is possible to find the color option you want.

      Turn your phone into a space-age device with this holographic case. The iridescent colors change depending on the angle and light, giving your phone a shiny, sparkling appearance that’s sure to turn heads. Customize your design or choose from one of our pre-selected designs for the perfect way to personalize your gadget.

      Everyone knows that the best way to show your style is with a custom phone case. And ours are no exception. Our Holographic phone cases have an iridescent sheen and come in a variety of colors. You can even add your own text or design for an extra special touch!

      Come on now, choose the holographic cover that suits you best and we will send it to your home. Moreover, many products are available from stock!