iPhone 12 Cases


      With the advancing technology, a large number and variety of phone cases have emerged. One of these varieties, the iPhone 12 case model is a model with various colors, shapes and patterns. However, the iPhone 12 model has various types of cases. Some of these types are wooden phone cases, holographic phone cases and silvery phone cases. All of these sheath types have different properties from each other.

      iPhone 12 Wooden Cases

      iPhone 12 wooden designed phone cases are the most popular case types. Wooden iPhone 12 personalized cases are produced in various letters, shapes and names. These covers are shaped entirely according to the person's own designs.

      The most important feature of holographic covers is that they have a style in various metallic colors. These holographic covers, which have high gloss together with metallic colors, reveal the reflection of different colors as they are moved. This is the most important reason why holographic phone cases are often preferred. These covers provide a very impressive appearance, especially in sunlight.

      Silvery phone cases are a type of cover that has many color and model options. This phone case is created by using any desired color on the phone. However, thanks to the system that allows the sims to move in the liquid, the sims cover the cover in every movement of the phone case. It is a very popular type of cover because it has a fun visual.