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      Thanks to its exclusive and minimalist design, our wallet cases enhance your personal style while at the same time keeping it easy. Vegan leather covers are never just covers. Answer calls on the go, carry your most important card with you.

      Our unique vegan leather case is perfect for any occasion. With a custom option, you can create the perfect accessory to show off your individuality and protect your phone at the same time. The vegan leather construction means no animals were harmed in the making of this product.

      When it comes to protecting your smartphone, you might think that vegan leather is just a marketing term. But there are many reasons why plant-based goods are better for your phone and the planet. Not only is a vegan leather case cruelty-free, but it also makes use of sustainable materials and doesn't take any animal products to produce.

      You can add your own name on the cover with a personalized vegan leather cover. Or you can choose designs with initials if you want. It will be a nice gift option for your loved ones. Made with vegan and recycled materials only. We designed these covers as a first step towards the future of our planet. You can choose from dozens of designs. You can follow new models by following us on our social media accounts.

      You know what’s awesome about our vegan leather phone cases? We make them custom to your phone model. That’s right, tell us what device you have and we will cut and assemble a case that fits just for you. Because of our commitment to sustainability, all of the vegan leather we use is 100% animal-free.

      You can find vegan custom cases for all current Apple, Samsung and Huawei models. By filtering, you can request leather cases suitable for your device. You can customize the product using the personalize section on the product pages.

      Another feature of vegan leather phone cases is the stand feature. In this way, you can easily put your phone on your desk and watch videos. Moreover, it can do this without any protrusions.