Wrapped Yarn Cables


      Wrapped yarn cable have been used to create these multicolor charge cable. It is a perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

      Even technology can dress up in fashion style

      Custom designed  lightning cables. %100 handcrafted, tangle-free Lunia cables will reflect your style and due to its original design, it's easier to find and harder to mix.

      These handcrafted accessories are all made using wrapped cord techniques. At first use, it can be rigid but it becomes softer in time because of its flexibility.

      You can find the data cables you want in many different colors than usual. Blue, red, yellow and more... Moreover, you can find any length of data cable for comfortable use. Thus, you can easily carry it with you.

      Wrapped charger with multicolor yarns with a great quality and craftsmanship. Wrapping with yarns provides long term protection of the cord against bending and peeling. You can find chargers compatible with all mobiles with dozens unique and stylish designs with eye-catching colors.

      Here is a multicolor phone charger. This will be a great gift for anyone who wants more colors in their lives.

      All our multicolor wrapped yarn cables function perfectly and are tested on different devices before they are shipped.